Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going on tour. She is not however expected to perform “Turn It Up’ for the audience members. According to E! News the reality star will go with her baby daddy on the Kanye West fall tour. The tour kicks off on 19th October in Seattle, Washington. It will cover 23 cities all in seven weeks.

Kim will most likely be present in many of Kanye’s tour dates; this is according to an insider. She is also expected to bring North West with her something many people are looking forward to. The same source also added that Kim Kardashian and North West – her daughter – will not be touring full time with Kanye. According to Kim, Kanye will be too much for her daughter and her. It is expected that she will also be filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This means she will have to be back in Los Angeles during that time for the filming.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The upcoming tour will be Kanye West’s first solo series of concerts in 5 years. Lamar Kendrick will open for Kanye West with the shows combining state o the art staging, lighting design, production with his unmatched visionary creative mind, aesthetics and increasingly impressive catalogue of hits that span Kanye’s decade long music career.

Do not forget the fact that Kim Kardashian’s presence will add more boobs to the party. It is expected that the tour will be really something. Knowing the kind of media attention the two partners attract, it will definitely be something to be talked about.

All planning are in top gear to ensure everything goes as per plan. How will the couple conduct themselves knowing that North West will be there too? The family has been on the spotlight for much of the year and it seems that will not be changing anytime soon. I guess the real question to ask is what more should we be expecting from them?

Kim owns the paparazzi or is it the paparazzi who adore her. Whatever the case, she is really something. Kim Kardashian is surely one of the rare celebrities who have strong command o the media. Everything she does will be on the spotlight. This is something Kanye will have to deal with in his career coz his partner will definitely not be willing to let her fame go cold.

What are the expectations of Washington on the coming tour? Many are gearing up for the tour and to get more of these two celebrity dramas. It will not surprise if they get involved in another drama.

According to the news from the preparations of the tour, the tour will be something. Washington will definitely be seeing something new going by the preparations reports. Performances are said to be well designed with state of the art lighting designs. At the end of the 23 cities tours, something will have really rocked in Washington.

The tour maybe termed as setting the stage for the return of Kanye to performances. Musicians use tours to prepare their audience or fans for new music. This cannot be ruled out in Kanye’s case. He is definitely one of the most talented musicians. He has won many Grammies and is not near his last.

What about Kim Kardashian?

Kim will always remain a drama celebrity. She always attracts attention. This will work well in Kanye’s favor in the tour as well as in the near future. She is publicity in herself. Wherever she goes she will always draw attention. This is what makes her the talk of social media and the media. Kim Kardashian is always making headlines. Fame is very important to her, and is entwined in her. This may be the reason why even something inconsequential she does will draw much attention. This is her power. How will the two couples manage with their daughter North West? Of course, this remains a speculation. It is however, expected that they will try to keep their daughter out of the limelight, free from all the drama. Maybe the daughter has also inherited it all; it remains something to be watched.

Do you think Kim Kardashian can sustain the momentum of her fame or will her luck finally run out? Sometimes she pushes her luck too far. But again, she is really good at it. It’s like she knows exactly what to do to bring the media crashing at her doorsteps. With a partner like her, Kanye West will surely not need to do much to attract public attention will he?