Kim Kardashian appears to be frustrated over the fact that it takes more than money to be a celebrity (like a sex tape that helps a lot). Seemingly, this has always been her main goal in life and the cost of getting there was never an issue for her. Daily, she demonstrates to the world that she can do practically anything to get to the top. Nevertheless, there are unwritten rules about this celebrity industry. It isn’t merely about the money, because if it was, thousands of us may fall into that category also. Talent and prestige play a vital role in the celebrity world and the lack thereof takes us far from achieving such a status.

The problem that Kim faces is that she cannot come to terms with this truth and somehow believes that she would be worshipped as a celebrity, even if she lacks the talent and prestige. No one would waste their precious time on her if she does not give in return. She is totally aware of this fact and that’s the reason why she is constantly “feeding” her fans with monotonous “sexy” photos, so that they in turn would continue to follow her. Kim has no other option left to gain publicity because, after falling victim to her big flaws and mishaps in life, no one has seen her in a better light.

Real celebrities are lauded for their contribution towards building the society, both by their actions as well as their words. Whenever someone has to go the extra mile to gain the public’s attention, they fall short of the mark of the true meaning of a celebrity. This just happens to be the present condition of Kim Kardashian. It would be a very tough journey for her, if she aspires to achieve this goal. She recognizes that it would be difficult to do it on her own but, as we all know, with the help of her boyfriend Kanye, she might just be able to rebuild a bit of her tarnished reputation and get back on track to achieve this objective.