An invitation to the White House correspondents’ dinner may mark a restart in the dress code for Kim Kardashian. She seems to be receiving and accepting advice from great minds. This time she did not make a fool of herself and even the critics had positive comments to make; after all, they are generally unbiased and always try to convey the right feedback to celebrities about their image. Kim was accompanied by her mom, who also received a warm invitation to the event.

Her true beauty was observed as she toned down for that special occasion, held in Washington. Her hair was adequately styled to suit the ambience, as well as her make-up and properly fitted gown. This time she had no reason to worry about a mismatch in clothing or footwear. Her ratings surged, following the event and this would have turned around a lot for her.

Her overall attire and composure complemented the occasion. Fans and critics are still perplexed and are trying to figure out who may have been behind the selection of her outfit. We know that Kanye West is now playing a great role as a fashion adviser to her but, the question still remains: “was he the one behind this successful move she made?”

Following the dinner, Kim could barely wait to get back to her fans to keep them up to date with her happenings. She seemed delighted and knew that this time her appearance was unquestionably flawless. She immediately tweeted expressing how thankful she was for being invited to such a meaningful event. We hope that this sets the trend for her future appearances at similar functions. If she continues along this path she would definitely attract less negative comments and dislikes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that this was not merely her lucky day but that she is indeed making a turnaround for the better.