Kim Kardashian is one of the most publicized names in the celebrity industry, and this does not signify that she is always praised for it. One of the most appalling situations that have placed her under permanent surveillance by followers and critics has been that of the well-known case of the sex tape scandal that she faced with her ex-boyfriend.

Following the creation of a video by her ex-boyfriend and its subsequent “leakage” into the public, Kim became a public spectacle in the eyes of the media and the industry. The video allegedly contained a very explicit with sexual encounter between the two. This was one of her first offsets; however, with the increasing realization that Kim was practically inseparable from the pursuit of publicity, speculations started arising as to whether or not this was a deliberate act to secure financial gains, which indeed she later pocketed.

Since then, she has been heavily criticized and constantly referred as a talentless wannabe actress. With the creation of her reality TV show, this has escalated the situation. Critics claim that real actors read scripts, and bring art to life and that Kim Kardshian just did not fit into that category. She has been literally reduced to a self-conscious person who happens to play her cards right enough to keep her income healthy. She is very aware of her downfall but does not seem to bother too much about that. She has been going as far as to address and make fun of people who have had similar experiences, such as Paris Hilton. In the midst of all of the tensions and drama, her present boyfriend Kanye West appears to turn a very blind eye to the situation and allegations, about his desire to do another tape with her, have been circulating. Sources claim that his purpose for wanting such an act to be repeated would be one of art rather than perversion.