Kim Kardashian is now recognized as a top ranker on the Forbes List, but she has come a really long way and it may have cost her a lot of self-sacrifice at the expense of her reputation. Her journey up the list has not been an easy one; nevertheless she is probably the only one who could have changed all of this.

Her great appetite for attention has been one of the core reasons for nearly all of the criticism; however, that attention – seeking character may have worked like a two – edged sword. The disadvantages are clearly visible: she has been strongly ridiculed and labeled as talentless, with even fans expressing their disgust towards her. Other negative aspects lie in the fact that her tweets and words are generally empty, reflecting her poor trend of thought. On the other hand, the negatives have caught the attention of many others, who would have not been aware of her existence and in that sense her fan base would have been steadily increasing in size. Kim needs that kind of publicity because she is considered as a reality TV actress and that requires a large audience to keep the money flowing into her hands.

After settling the case of her sex tape scandal, she was a few million dollars richer. Her short- lived marriage with Kris Humphries further secured her a decent continuous income and now plans of setting up a footwear line with her current boyfriend Kanye West will top of the plan to get to the tip top of Forbes. Critics have also understood the overall idea and they too have realized that it is much more than just a daily tweet with a semi – nude picture or a mere public appearance. Kim is using these methods to top up her ratings and to gain financial benefits at nearly any cost.