Are you familiar with the anomalous Kardashian sex tape? Actually, this gained a lot of attention from the media, press and even ordinary people. The two of them made the sex scandal that creates a big buzz in the show business. Many people create their own opinions about the sex video. Apparently, there are many positive and negative feedbacks from all of the people around the world.

Furthermore, Ray J and Kim Kardashian dated and soon started their real-life relationship. Kim first met him when she was a stylist to her sister, named Brandy. They had an off and on relationship that lasted for almost three years. Actually, there are good things that happened for them. Only that in the year of 2007, they actually split that the things turned out to be messy after the release and distribution of their sex tape. Kim Kardashian has denied the rumors about its existence. Eventually, Kim settled with the entertainment company.

In effect, Ray J and Kim K are two of the celebrated personalities to ever reach fame and success. Anyone can tell that these personalities became more famous after the sex video release. Without Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, there’ll be no success and fame for the two of them. Thus, their rose to stardom is indebted on the sex video that they both made.

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