Kim Kardashian has once again made the celebrity news and, as usual, with a twist. Critics are now wondering what message she is trying to send this time: “Is she tired of the same talentless poses and the “rear end” photos?” this may definitely be the case because by now, everyone is just seeing the monotony. The threshold that publicity allows a celebrity to gain fame and prestige has been surpassed a very long time ago and continuing the effort to gain more is just futile. Kim doesn’t seem to quite well understand this concept and no one appears to guide her.

The critics saw a down streaming rating of her overall celebrity profile when she appeared dressed up like the famous actress Sophia Loren and taking pictures. Her followers are still left wondering why she decided to take such an action. She is famous for her weird innovations, from “sex Diet” to underwater fashion, but this one blew everything out of proportion.

With so much criticism about her lack of talent, she has probably resorted to imitation as a way of expressing herself, although she did not capture the entire “look alike” part of the equation. This is not the first time that she has chosen to imitate. Her next obsession seemed to have been for the late Marilyn Munroe, who she appears to idolize.

She now stands as a deer at the mercy of a hunter, in the eyes of her critics, to be totally ridiculed and bombarded with an array of comments that are not going to help with her ratings. She needs an adviser who can guide her on the do’s and don’ts of the celeb world. There should be a limit to everything, especially when she rubs shoulders with some of the Forbes’ best and still maintains a notorious reputation for her open – book private life. At the back of her mind somewhere, she is probably thinking, “I’m tired of being me.”